Local 3 is dedicated to giving our young people the opportunity to succeed by providing them with the chance to further their education and training. For this reason, Local 3 awards annual scholarships to children, stepchildren and foster children of Local 3 members. Local 3 awards two types of scholarships: Academic Scholarships (winners are judged based on academic qualifications) and Merit Scholarships (winners are selected through a random raffle drawing). Please Note: Academic Scholarship applicants who do not win are automatically entered into the Merit Scholarship raffle drawing (at the July Executive Board Meeting). Please do not submit multiple applications. All applications must be postmarked on or by March 31, 2023.


Scholarship Contest Rules

Academic Scholarship Application

Merit Scholarship Application

2023 Operating Engineers Local 3 ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS

The Operating Engineers Local 3 Scholarship Foundation recently announced its 2023 Academic Scholarship winners. First-place winners will receive $15,000, second-place winners receive $12,500 and third-place winners receive $10,000 toward the college of their choosing.

Scholarship Information

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