About Us

About Us

Operating Engineers Local 3 represents the interests of people who build, serve and protect. Most of Local 3’s 37,000+ members work as heavy-equipment operators, but the union also represents public employees, such as maintenance workers and police officers.

The training program for construction professionals gives employers access to the highest quality of workers, providing their business with a competitive edge while raising the quality of life for Local 3 members. Local 3’s jurisdiction covers Northern California, Northern Nevada, Hawaii and Utah, and its membership makes up the largest construction trades local in the United States.

Why Local 3 representation matters

A Local 3 membership means:

  • Job security
  • Benefits (retirement and health care)
  • Representation on the job, at the negotiating table and in the political arena
  • Top-notch training facilities throughout a four-state jurisdiction
  • Community involvement
  • An active Retiree Association
  • College scholarships
  • Social activities, such as picnics, events and meetings
  • And so much more