Testing and Inspection Allocation 2020

Dear brothers/sisters,

We have been speaking to many of you over the last several months on how the 2020 increase should be divided. Some would like all on the check, and others would like a small increase to annuity and/or vacation. This survey is to collect as much input as possible for helping to make the allocation decisions. Please use the link below to access the survey and submit your allocation choice based on the group belonged to.

Thank you!


COVID-19 Preparedness Qualification (English & Spanish)

English version – COVID 19 Preparedness Qualification

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This course is intended as a supplement to actual hands-on instruction and is designed to teach one or more of the acceptable and recognized methods of performing specific tasks. It is not meant to be, nor should it be considered, an absolute or complete presentation of the procedures and safety measures that relate to these tasks.

Work processes and government safety regulations can and do change, and it is the employer’s responsibility to provide workers with the most recent technical and safety information involving these processes.

The guidelines and instructions presented here are not meant to supersede manufacturers’ instructions or contractors’ jobsite procedures, nor are they meant to replace any current local, state, provincial, or federal safety rules or regulations.

Versión en español – COVID 19 Preparedness Qualification

La intención de esta presentación/manual es que sea un suplemento a la parte de práctica de la instrucción y está designada para enseñar uno o más métodos aceptables y reconocidos en el desempeño de trabajos específicos. No es con la intención, ni debe considerarse como una presentación absoluta o completa de los procedimientos y medidas de seguridad relacionadas a estos trabajos.

Los procedimientos de trabajo y regulaciones gubernamentales sobre la seguridad pueden y suelen cambiar y es la responsabilidad del empleador proveerles a los trabajadores con la información técnica y de seguridad más actualizada referentes a estos procesos.

Las guías e instrucciones acá presentadas no son con la intención de sustituir las instrucciones de procedimientos de fabricantes o contratistas en el lugar de trabajo, ni son con la intención de reemplazar reglas o regulaciones de seguridad locales, estatales, municipales o federales.

MAINTAIN Social Distancing – KEEP Construction Essential!




COVID-19 must be taken seriously. Be smart. Wash your hands. Stay home if you are ill, and maintain six feet apart on jobsites. Let’s show government officials that construction work is essential to our communities and our economy.


COVID-19 Resources

Visit the COVID-19 Resources page now!

Due to the ongoing health concerns and changing news regarding the Coronavirus, we are creating a resources page to keep you updated on the latest developments. Providing a safe environment for our members and their families is our top priority. To prevent the spread of transmission related to the COVID -19 virus, please use this resource page to stay updated on what we are doing to protect and serve you in these difficult and uncertain times.

Check this page daily for updates as we work to communicate the breaking news and provide consistent resources during this ongoing crisis.


California Master Ratification Meetings Cancelled

California Master Ratification Meetings Cancelled

Due to the ever-changing health concerns regarding the Coronavirus and Gov. Gavin Newsom’s recent ban on larger gatherings, we are cancelling the Ratification Meetings, previously scheduled for Sunday, March 22.

The health and welfare of our membership is the highest priority right now. We will be rescheduling the ratification meetings for the districts at a later time, when restrictions are lifted.

Your Local 3 staff is doing everything possible to assist you at this time, and one of the most important things we can do right now is to make sure everyone stays safe and healthy.

Stay tuned for further information.