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Do you want a career that takes you places? It all starts at one of the country’s most prestigious training centers, the California Operating Engineers Journeymen and Apprentice Training Center (OE3 JATC), where apprentices train for free!


Apprenticeship Application

Now accepting applications until June 30th. Applications must be emailed or postmarked no later than June 30th and include the six-digit code from our current orientation video.

Located 22 miles southeast of Sacramento, the California OE3 JATC site consists of an 11-½-acre campus, with an additional 1,500 acres devoted to crane, heavy equipment, CDL and maintenance area, where hands-on training is conducted. The facilities are used to upgrade and multiply the equipment skills of members of the country’s largest construction union.

Instructors at OE3 JATC are required to attend new and advanced instructor training through the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) to ensure the continued quality of the program and the high standards established for the staff.

Instruction is on an ongoing basis at OE3 JATC during the eight-week Probationary Orientation Period (POP) for new apprentices. After the probationary period, apprentices are required to successfully complete 80 hours of Supplemental Related Training (SRT) for each step of the Apprenticeship Program, usually once a year.

OE3 JATC also offers continuing education and training for journey-level operators. Rapidly changing technology in the construction industry creates a need for continuous training to learn new techniques and methods and improve existing skills.

California Training Center


14738 Cantova Way
Sloughhouse CA 95683



Hazmat Refresher Courses Available



Many of us have been affected by the disastrous fire season this year. Operating Engineers are often First Responders to provide fire breaks and then called upon to provide cleanup work in the aftermath. If you’re interested in helping communities rebuild and recover, the union is offering Hazmat Refresher courses, starting this month. Click on the schedule for more information and sign-up!

California JATC Contact information

If you have specific questions and live in the following districts, contact the Apprentice Coordinator below:

District 01
San Francisco, Burlingame: Meg-Anne Pryor, (916) 616-3186

District 04 & 10
Fairfield & Rohnert Park: Sabrina Martin, (916) 214-4176

District 20
Oakland, Alameda, East Bay: Randal Miller, (510) 377-9075

District 30
Stockton: Billy Neely, (209) 943-2332

District 40, 60, 70
Eureka, Yuba City, Redding : Danny Roles, (530) 339-0123

District 50
Fresno: Mark Fagundes, (559) 374-1876

District 80
Sacramento: Jenny Crist, (916) 591-8259

District 90
Morgan Hill: Dana Dauenhauer, (408) 690-3737

Your career begins now!

Remember: The training is at no cost to you, and once you complete the initial eight-week training, starting wages with an annual cost-of-living increase are $25.87 an hour. Our jurisdiction is from the Kern County line to the Oregon border. All applicants must reside in our area to be considered for the program.

Tips for Applying




In order to get an application, you must watch the mandatory orientation video. After watching, follow the instructions in the video to receive an application.



A driver record (DMV printout) from the DMV website or the DMV office will be accepted.



After receiving your application, a letter will arrive within 60 days to notify you of the ASVAB test date and time. If you do not receive a letter after 60 days, call (916) 354-2029 to inquire about your application.



Application changes cannot be made by phone or email. Any updates or changes to your application must be done in writing and mailed to:

14738 Cantova Way
Sloughhouse, CA 95683

You will remain on the waiting list unless one of three actions take place:

  1. Applicant writes and requests that their name to be removed from the waiting list.
  2. The JATC tries to contact the applicant (by phone) three times with no returned calls. We will assume that the applicant is no longer interested and remove from the waiting list.
  3. Applicant’s mail is returned or phone number is invalid.

Disability disclosure form

Use the link below to download the disclosure form.

Get other forms

Start Your Career Now!

Employer Agreement Packet for Advanced B Training


Employers must submit an agreement for each journeyman applying for advanced apprentice training.


Everyone will be required to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test.



Applicants may use the ASVAB as a study guide.



All information will be explained prior to test.



This test consists of: a high school level of general science, arithmetic reasoning, word knowledge, paragraph comprehension, mathematics knowledge, electronics information, auto and shop information, and mechanical comprehension.



You may call to reschedule your test should the date and time given not work for you.



Information will be given at the ASVAB test in regards to what will happen after the test is completed.



JATC personnel is not permitted to release any information regarding an applicant’s information or status to anyone but the applicant directly.

Examination Procedures


The examination consists of a 3-hour written entrance assessment. All applicants must meet the minimum requirement in order to be placed on the applicant waiting list.

Members attending training

While attending training at the JATC

Appropriate Dress

Report to the training center in clothing appropriate for work on a jobsite. Work boots, hard-hats, vests, face mask, etc. are required. Hard-hats and vests are NOT available, you must provide your own. If you register for a crane class, please bring your own gloves. Students in grade-checking classes will be required to bring a simple calculator with square root and percentage functions. Mechanic students need to bring welding hood and gloves.

Room and Board

Room and board are provided free of cost to all apprentice and journey-level operators. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served Monday through Thursday, but only breakfast and lunch will be served on Friday. Accommodations are dormitory style onsite at OE3 JATC. The dorms are closed on weekends. Please bring your own toiletries, such as soap, shampoo, towels, etc. Sheets and blankets will be provided. Pillows are NOT provided, you may wish to bring your own pillow and extra blankets for added comfort.


day of All students registered for class at the OE3 JATC facility are required to check-in no later than 7:00 a.m. on the morning of the first class. Students driving a long distance may check-in to our dorms on Sunday between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. with the security officer.

Drug Test

Substance abuse testing will take place first thing Monday morning during orientation. This requirement also applies to journey-level operators.


All supplemental-related training and journey-level-upgrade classes are two weeks long. Written and hands-on tests are used to assess progress and instruction. There is a small amount of classroom work, so students should bring pens, pencils and writing materials such as paper, tablets or notebooks with them.


If you register for a class but later find you are unable to attend, please notify OE3 JATC as soon as possible. There is usually a waiting list for journey-level-upgrade classes, and cancellations will be offered to other members. OE3 JATC has a No-Show Policy, which states that failure to attend your registered class session without giving proper notification may result in forfeiture of training eligibility for six months.

Apprentice Time Card Instructions


Want to improve your skills?


Click below for what we offer
Construction Equipment Operator (CEO) Training Can Be Obtained On The Following Types Of Equipment:
  • backhoe
  • blade
  • dozer
  • loader
  • scraper
  • grade-checking and gradesetting GPS (at OE3 JATC and the districts)
  • compactors
  • pavers
  • rollers
  • excavator
  • vertical and horizontal drills
  • articulating dump truck
  • support equipment
  • equipment GPS
  • hydro excavation truck
  • hydro excavating trailer
  • cranes
Ongoing HDR (Heavy Duty Repair) Classes Are Offered In The Following Areas:
  • power train
  • engines
  • electronics
  • welding and hydraulics
  • lubrication technician
  • air-conditioning (two-day course)
  • advanced electronic (three-day course)
  • air brakes (one-day course)

In addition to upgrade instruction, Operating Engineers can earn certifications in hazardous materials, oil refinery safety, forklift, OSHA 10, OSHA 30, MSHA, first aid and CPR. When a substantial number of bargaining unit members in any field require specialized training or education, OE3 JATC will develop a quality, custom-designed training program to meet their needs whenever possible.

Specialty Classes

Specialty classes are scheduled as determined by the union and based upon need and demand. These include: forklift, Northern California Certification for Crane Operators (NCCCO) practical and written exams, Class A, Safety/Hazmat, Diversity Awareness, Sexual Harassment, Harassment, Substance Abuse/Department of Transportation (DOT) Regulations, Labor History, Organizing, Computer Lab and System Assessment Testing for a Group Exam (SAGE).

Women and minorities are encouraged to apply. Call the OE3 JATC at (916) 354-2029 for registration procedures or additional information.

NCCCO Certification (Also Called CCO)

NCCCO Recertification

Recertification classes are limited and fill up quickly. You are advised to reserve space immediately by contacting Lisa Conway at OE3 JATC at (916) 354-2029, ext. 7939.

NCCCO Tests For New Candidates

New CCO candidates and candidates who passed the written portion of the CCO exams should contact Lisa Conway at (916) 354-2029, ext. 7939, to schedule an appointment or obtain CCO information on the Practical Test dates.

Interested in surveyors and construction inspection?

Northern California  Technical Engineers JAC

Click the button below to go to the Technical Engineers Apprenticeship website.

NOTE: The contact phone number for the Technical Engineers program is: (510) 748-7413

Please use this number for all questions about the program and status of an application.


Please call (916) 354-2029, if you have any questions.  Click here for a map and directions.

It is important that you notify your dispatcher that you will be at OE3 JATC in case your name comes up on the out-of-work list.

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