Local 3 members demand fair treatment from City of Stockton

Stockton City workers need a raise, not a pay cut!

When the City of Stockton declared bankruptcy in 2012, Local 3 members stepped up to help their city out. They did so by accepting pay freezes, wage cuts, benefit reductions, furloughs, and in some cases, early retirements with reduced payouts. All of this helped the city recover, and today it ranks as one of the five most financially stable cities in the entire country!

Unfortunately, city management is refusing to make these workers whole now that the resources are there to do so, offering our members a “raise” that actually amounts to a pay cut once cost of living increases are factored in and refusing to negotiate fairly. That’s why these Local 3 members decided to take their arguments directly to the City Council recently. See what our members and staff had to say to the City Council, then share it with your friends and family. Let’s let Stockton’s elected officials know that these working people have our support and it’s time they be treated fairly.

Watch this recent video of the July 31, 2019 meeting now!

Stockton City Council Meeting - July 31, 2019