Public Employees

Now is not the time to be improperly represented either in the workplace or in legislative halls, especially as a public employee. In recent years, public employees have been under an unprecedented attack from anti-labor extremists seeking to divide the labor movement. Local 3 is uniquely positioned to withstand and push back against these attacks. That’s because we can call upon our diverse membership and the resources available to the largest construction local in the U.S.

The Local 3 difference

Local 3 Public Employees

  • Get a dedicated staff member to negotiate fair raises and benefits for everyone in the bargaining unit, and all dues-paying members get to vote.
  • Get 100 percent representation from their union, including on issues with management or concerns dealing with the contract.
  • Have member-elected Political Action Committees to closely research issues and interview candidates on their behalf.
  • Have the collective influence to get the right people into office and hold them accountable.

Non-Union Public Employees

  • Get a raise only when management feels like giving one, often leading to favoritism.
  • Have to personally go to management on their issues or concerns, and as at-will workers, most of their concerns are unlikely to get addressed.
  • Are on their own when it comes to researching issues, deciding how they will be impacted and which candidates will truly represent their interests.
  • Lack the collective influence to promote the right people for elected office or put pressure on politicians to do the right thing.

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