Local 3 has full-time organizers throughout its four-state jurisdiction who are focused on organizing workers and increasing the number of employers that are signatory to Local 3. Targeting the construction industry and related entities, the Organizing Department develops strategies designed to ultimately increase the union’s market-share, achieving a real advantage in contract negotiations.

Local 3 organizers primarily utilize “Top Down” organizing, emphasizing the value of being a signatory contractor with access to highly-trained professionals, optimized performance and quality union relationships, which benefit future work opportunities and establish a more competitive work arrangement.

Our organizers begin their campaigns by assessing the interest level and support for the union in a targeted group of workers. If interest is sufficient, the campaign begins and continues until a contract is reached. Organizers use many methods to educate workers regarding the benefits of Local 3 including the good wage package and Fringe Benefits that come with membership.

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