Names of 2019 Merit Scholarship recipients drawn at Executive Board

The Local 3 Officers, Executive Board and the Scholarship Board of Directors understand that the workplace is rapidly changing, and many jobs require skills that can be attained only with a good education. Local 3 is dedicated to giving our young people the opportunity to succeed by providing them with the chance to further their education and training. For this reason, Local 3 awards annual scholarships to children, stepchildren and foster children of Local 3 members.

Thanks to donations to the Scholarship Foundation from Local 3 members, fundraising efforts and great management of the Scholarship Fund, the amount of money awarded has continued to increase over the past 10 years. This year, the names of 25 scholarship recipients were randomly drawn at the July 21 Executive Board Meeting. These individuals will receive $3,000, which must be used for study at any accredited college or trade school located in the U.S.

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