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Apprenticeship Programs

Thorough training for competent, skilled equipment operators and heavy-duty repair mechanics requires a combination of classroom and hands-on field instruction at the training centers and on-the-job work experience as an apprentice for a contractor.

New apprentices receive an orientation to the industry, safety procedures on equipment and at the jobsite, first aid, construction fundamentals and grade-checking. For mechanics, there are basic classes on diesel engine repair, power trains, welding, electrical, hydraulics, and field service and lubrication.

The required training period for apprentices is governed by each state’s regulations. After the requirement is met, apprentices are dispatched for on-the-job training with union contractors.

Equipment operators reach journey level after working on the job as an apprentice for roughly four years under normal economic circumstances. Mechanics and crane operators reach journey level after approximately four to five years.

To apply to the Local 3 apprenticeship program, applicants must be 18 years of age, be a resident within Local 3's jurisdiction and possess a valid driver's license from the state in which you apply. While a high school diploma or GED is not required, it is desirable. Candidates must also be able to perform physical tasks and activities. Any prior work in construction, other trades or military service is beneficial.

An application for the apprenticeship program must be completed and mailed back to the respective training center. Application scoring is based on the following criteria: suitability to working conditions, work experience and skills, training and schooling received, maturity and safety consciousness.

Following completion of the application, names are placed on a list of eligible applicants for entry into the program. Upon selection, applicants will be notified and scheduled for an interview.

To request an application, send a letter or postcard to your local JAC office, or click here on the appropriate training center links for a list of mailing addresses, phone numbers or email addresses of that particular training center:

California Training Center
Hawaii Training Center
Nevada Training Center
Utah Training Center

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